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  • 1.  How many Vietcombank’s branches and transaction points are there?

    Vietcombank currently has 640 Branches and Transaction points in most provinces and cities of Vietnam. To find the nearest branch or transaction point to you, please search on Vietcombank's network page.

  • 2. Does Vietcombank's transaction point have a separate reception area for Priority Customers?
    At Vietcombank's branches, there is a separate service area for Priority Customers. When you arrive at Vietcombank's transaction point, please contact to the front desk for detailed instructions.
  • 3.  What are services on Vietcombank’s ATM?

    Vietcombank provides many ATM services, including:

    • Transfer money from card to account

    • Internal transfer within VCB: You can make a transfer to another VCB account on VCB's ATM and another Bank's ATM

    • Transfer money from card to card of another bank: You can transfer money to another bank's card on VCB's ATM

    • Withdraw cash by ATM card, QR code

    • Deposit cash at some R-ATMs

    • Other services such as: service registration, balance check, PIN code change, service fee payment, insurance payment and financial services,..

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