Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) has been offering the FD Online product since 2011. This product allows individual customers to make FD Online transactions through VCB-ib@nking and/or VCB-Mobile-b@nking. The product has been well accepted by many customers and has witnessed rapid growth. Vietcombank would like to thank our customers for choosing to use Vietcombank's products and services and we would like to update important changes of the features of FD online product:

- Effective July 05, 2019, Vietcombank will no longer offer the FD online product on VCB-iB@nking and VCB-MobileB@nking channels for foreign individual customers. Please note that foreign individual customers can continue to make fixed deposit transactions at branches and transaction offices of Vietcombank.

- For foreign individual customer’s FD Online accounts that were opened before July 5, 2019: Vietcombank will continue to maintain the accounts until the due date. At the due date, your FD online accounts will be closed. The balance (including the principal and the interest) will be transferred to your current account in VND at Vietcombank. If you do not have a current account in VND or all of your current accounts in VND are locked / locked credit at the time of closing the FD Online account, the Principle and interest of FD Online account will be kept  at Vietcombank and paid no more interest . Please provide us with your further instructions at your nearest branch or transaction office. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Vietcombank’s branch/transaction office or Customer Service Center 1900545413.

Vietcombank would like to express our thankfulness to our customers and is looking forward to continuing to serve our customers’ needs.

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