Vietcombank Phone Banking Service (VCB PhoneB@nking) is built to help customer perform banking transactions through phone channel 24 hour * 7 day at Vietcombank Contact Center’s telephone number 1900 54 54 13

Individuals who use any vietcombank’s services
Product features
1.     Information Inquiry
-       Account balance and 5 recent transactions
-       Total balance of savings accounts, loan accounts
-       Credit card limit
-       Credit card balance and payment schedule
2.     Urgent services
-       Disable online payment for credit cards
-       Disable VCB-iB@nking, VCB-SMS B@nking, VCB Phone B@nking
-       Notify loss cards and lock card temporarily
-       Change password for VCB Phone Banking
-       Credit cards authorization request
3.     Other services
-       Exchange rate inquiry, bank services information, bank promotion programs inquiry
-       Consult and support customer of Vietcombank’services
Cost of use:
VCB Phone B@nking is free. Customers only pay for telecomunication fee according to telecomunication corporations’s tariff
Service Registration
To be granted VCB Phone B@nking username and password, please simply register for VCB Phone B@nking at:  
-       Any Vietcombank counters, or
-       Through VCB-iB@nking service (in case you have used VCB-iB@nking)
            You can also download VCB – Phone B@nking User’s guide here
      International subscribers and subscribers of Viettel, please call 04.38243524/ 04.38245716