Liquidity management

Provide you a variety of effective payment and cash management solutions

With our liquidity management products, your capital is controlled to earn attractive returns while maintaining high liquidity.

      Auto cash management

This service assists you in managing cash when you are a large-size corporation with many subsidiaries. 

Product characteristics

  • You and your subsidiaries open accounts at Vietcombank:

-          The central account is opened at the branch the your account;

-          Your subsidiaries open auxiliary accounts at Vietcombank branches.

  • Everyday, Vietcombank manages the flow between central and auxiliary accounts as agreed. 


  • Control the daily flow at subsidiaries, avoiding local surpluses and shortages at the same time;
  • Cash is concentrated to earn higher return and more preferences from the bank;
  • Can combine with our auto-invest service to increase your capital efficiency;
  • Our e-banking program helps you monitor the flow in all accounts timely.


Vietcombank helps you invest automatically in two ways:

  • With each level of day-end balance, you earn different interest rate, with higher rate for higher balance.
  • In case your day-end balance exceeds an agreed level (ceiling), the excess will be automatically transferred to an auto-invest account to earn higher interest rate.

To ensure your payment ability, Vietcombank can set up automatic transfer from auto-invest account back to current account when the day-end balance falls below an agreed level (floor). 


  • A safe and effective channel to invest your idle capital;
  • Your capital is managed flexibly to ensure payment ability;  
  • Modern technology ensuring fast and secure transaction processing.