Corporate Cards

Provide you a variety of effective payment and cash management solutions

Leading Vietnam market with over 20 years of experience in issuance and payment, Vietcombank is recognized as the top bank for card services. Our domestic and international card products are designed to meet your various financial management needs.  

Product characteristics

  • They are cards that you request to issue for:
  • Authorized individuals (to pay your expenses)
  • Your employees (to pay salary)
  • Your agencies or partners (to pay commissions or goods/services)


  • Cost savings: Reduce advance works; your employees can use their cards to pay for your expenses easily, conveniently, accurately and efficiently.
  • Payment flexibility:  Cards can be used to withdraw cash or make payments via Internet, ATMs or POSs in Vietnam or worldwide. 
  • Easy management:  Companies are able to easily check and control the employees’ spending  with the corporate cards through the monthly statements.

      Corporate debit cards

Using debit cards, your employees can spend within outstanding balance of their accounts opened at Vietcombank. Our debit cards include domestic card Connect24 and international cards Visa and MasterCard.

      Corporate credit cards

Individual card holders can spend within the credit limits granted by Vietcombank. Our credit cards include three most prestigious international cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard).