Time deposit

Your daily finances being managed swiftly, securely and accurately

      Time deposit

To meet your need of investing idle cash effectively, Vietcombank provides deposit services with competitive interest rates and various flexible tenors suitable with your fund using plans.  


  • Simple and convenient;
  • Safe, accurate, and absolutely secure;
  • Various tenors suitable with you fund using plans;
  • Can withdraw money at any Vietcombank branches nationwide;
  • Ensure high returns on your investment.

      Time deposit with periodic interest payment

"Time deposit with periodic interest payment" offers you with more flexible interest payment period and method .


  • Flexible interest payment period : monthly or quarterly as request
  • Flexible payment method: Deposit interest will be credited automatically to your account at Vietcombank or cashed out at Vietcombank's counters
  • Enjoy long term deposit, but your expenditure needs or short-term financing arrangement will be satisfied.


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