On 30/10/1962, Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) was established from the Foreign Exchange Bureau (of The State Bank of Vietnam) according to No 115/CP Decree of the Government.



On 01/04/1963, Vietcombank officially came in to operation as an exclusive bank for foreign trade



VCB established a finance company in Hong Kong – named Vinafico Hong Kong



On 14/11/1990, according to Decree No. 403-CT of the Chairman of Ministers Council,Vietcombank changed from an exclusively specialized in foreign trade economic activities bank into a general commercial bank.



Vietcombank was awarded the Labour Medal, Second Class by the State.



VCB established a joint venture with a Korean partner – named First Vina Bank, currently known as ShinhanVina Bank.



Established Leasing and Investment Company directly under Vietcombank (Debt management and Mining assets).



VCB was awarded as the Best bank in Vietnam by Asia Money Magazine - one of the most trusted monetary magazines in Asia.



On 21/09/1996, the Governor of the SBV issued No. 286/QD-NH5 decree about restating Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam based on previous Decree 68/QD-NH5 on 27/03/1993 by The SBV's Governor. Accordingly, Vietcombank was operating under the model of 90, 91 corporation regulated in No. 90/QD-TTg decision on 07/03/1994 by the Prime Minister with the international name: Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, Vietcombank in short.


Established representative office in Paris (France) and in Moscow (Russia)


Opened Vietcombank Tower 198 joint venture with Singapore.



Established representative office in Singapore.


Vietcombank registered exclusive trademark of business at Industrial Property Department, Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment.



Established Vietcombank Leasing Company.



Established VCB Stock Ltd. company - VCBS



Vietcombank was arwarded the Independence Medal, Third Class by the Government.


VCB was voted as the Best bank in Vietnam by EUROMONEY Magazine.


Vietcombank’s Connect 24 card is the only banking products awarded ' Vietnam Golden Star' award.



Vietcombank was awarded the Best Bank in Vietnam by The Banker magazine 5 consecutive year



Vietcombank was the only bank receiving the “Sao Khue” award (by Vietnam Software Sssociation (VINASA) held under the auspices of The National Steering Committee on information technology and the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.


Vietcombank Dong Nai Branch was honourably be the first branch in Vietcombank system awarded the title “Labour Hero” by Prime Minister for the outstanding achievements in the revolutionary period from 1995-2004, contribute to the national socialism and defense.


Contributed capital to establish Vietcombank Fund Management Company - VCBF



General Director of Vietcombank received 'Outstanding Asia Banking Leader” award.


Vietcombank was honoured to be 1 in 4 organizations receiving “Typical Creative Character” at National Conference on innovation.


General Director of Vietcombank was elected to be the Vice chairman of the Asian Bankers Association.


Vietcombank- 3 consecutive years- was awarded ‘Vietnamese strong brand’ award. Particularly, Vietcombank was awarded Top Ten strongest brands amongst 98 winners.



January 2007, Vietcombank and SEA Commercial Joint Stock Bank signed the contract with Cardif, established Vietcombank-Cardif Life Insurance company (VCLI).


Vietcombank was awarded “The Best Banks for corporate foreign exchange services”, in 2007 by Asia Money magazine.



January 2008, Vietcombank was received ‘Business stars award of 2007’ and also voted as one of the 10 largest enterprises of Vietnam.


April 2008, Vietcombank honourably awarded the Ho Chi Minh Medal by the Government on the occasion of celebrating 45th anniversary (April 1st 2008).


April 2008, Vietcombank is the only organization in the banking and finance sector to be selected in The National Brands program.


02/06/2008, Vietcombank officially changed into Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam under Decree No.138/GP-NHNN establishing and operating license of the Governor of the SBV on  28/05/2008 and Business Registration Certificate No. 0103024468  issued by the Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi on 02/06/2008.


July 2008, Vietcombank received “The Best Domestic Bank” award in 2008. This is an annual award by Asiamoney and it was the first year for Vietnam to be in the voting list with only one award for this title.


August 2008, Vietcombank was awarded ‘Vietnamese Best Cash Management Bank” in 2008 voted by enterprises through Asianmoney magazine.


October, 2008, Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Thanh, Chief Executive Officer of Vietcombank was awarded ‘Vietnamese Outstanding Entrepreneurs” in 2008 and ‘Excellent Leader Award in the Retail field” in 2008.


October 2008, Vietcombank was awarded Gold Cup "Best Joint Stock Company in Vietnam".


December 2008, Vietcombank was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister according to the Decree No. 1697/QĐ-TTg for the achievements in implementing policies to control inflation, stabilize the macro economy, satisfy the capital demand for the production, export and social activities.



11/06/2009, officially opened Cardif - Vietcombank Life Insurance Company Ltd.


30/06/2009, Vietcombank (stock code VCB) was officially listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange


07/05/2009, Vietcombank was awarded “The Best Domestic Trade Finance Bank in 2009” by readers of Trade Finance Magazine (TFM). Vietcombank is the only bank in Vietnam received this award 2 years in a row.


September 2009, Vietcombank was awarded 6 important prizes including foreign exchange, cash management and electronic transactions by Asia Money magazine.


October 2009, Mr Nguyen Hoa Binh - Chairman of Vietcombank – was awarded ‘ Vietnamese Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2009.


October 2009, Vietcombank was awarded "Trusted Stock Brand in 2009" and “Top 20 listed brands in Vietnam”.


October 2009, Vietcombank was awarded ‘Outstanding member in Government bonds bidding” award.


This activity belongs to the ceremony ‘Honouring excellent corporate and individuals in 2009’ held by Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) Transaction Centers and Investments Magazine.


November 2009, Vietcombank co-organized the Annual mMeting of Financial Leaders in Asia.



January 2010, Vietcombank was awarded ‘Prestigious Foreign Trade Brand in 2009’. Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh - Chairman of Vietcombank- was awarded ‘Outstanding Businessman in Foreign Trade field in 2009".


April 2010, Vietcombank was chosen to attend ‘National Brand’ program 2 years in a row.


July 2010, Vietcombank was awarded "The Best Domestic Trade Finance Bank in 2010" by Trade Finance Magazine. This awarded was given to Vietcombank (Vietnam's only representative) in 3 consecutive years.


29/07/2010, the Prime Minister of Socialist Republic of Vietnam has awarded Labor Medal to several teams and individuals in Vietcombank according to the Decree No.1148/QD-CTN. 


August 2010, Vietcombank was awarded ‘National Sustainable Brand’.


September 2010, Vietcombank received "Trusted Stock Brand".


October 2010, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tam - Member of BOD, former Deputy General Director and Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha – Deputy General Director of Vietcombank, was awarded the ‘Capital Golden Rose’.


October 2010, Vietcombank was one of the 4 Biggest Income Tax Payment Banks and also was the number one in the finance and banking sector.



April 7th 2011, Vietcombank was awarded ‘The Best Domestic Trade Finance Bank in Viet Nam, 2011’ by The Asian Banker-  the world's leading magazine on strategic information about financial services and ‘The Asian Banker Talent and Leadership Development’ Award. Mr. Pham Quang Dung – Deputy Director of Vietcombank – honorably awarded ‘The Asian Banker Promising Young Banker Award, 2011’ in Asia-Pacific region.


April 10th 2010, Vietcombank was awarded ‘Top Ten strong brand name in Vietnam, 2011". This award was given to Vietcombank in 9 consecutive years.


On 30/9/2011, Vietcombank has successfully signed strategic cooperation agreements with Mizuho Bank, ltd. (MHCB) - a member of Mizuho Financial Group (Japan) - by selling 15% equity.



July 5th 2012, Vietcombank was awarded ‘Best Vietnamese Trade Bank in 2012’ award . Vietcombank is the only representative of Vietnam in 5 consecutive years for this award (2008-2012).



 On January 7th, 2013, for the third consecutive time, Vietcombank was recognized and awarded “the National Brand”   by the Council of National Brands.


 On March 31st, 2013, Vietcombank officially launched a new brand identity system, which confirms its comprehensive change in branding and performance quality, and the determination to continue to innovate and grown sustainably, and to maintain its position in the country and step by step reach international level.


On April 1st, 2013, Vietcombank celebrated its 50th anniversary and receipt of the First Order of Independence awarded by the Party and the State.


 On April 24th, 2013, during the Asian Banker Summit held in Jakarta (Indonesia), The Asian Banker Magazine presented Vietcombank prestigious awards including "Best Cash Management Bank in Vietnam" and “Best Correspondent Bank in Vietnam”.


 On July 03rd, 2013, at the award ceremony of Trade Finance Magazine held in Singapore, Vietcombank was honored to receive the award "Best Trade Finance Bank in Vietnam in 2013". This is the 6th consecutive time (2008-2013) Vietcombank is the only bank in Vietnam to receive this prestigious award.


 In July 2013, The Banker Magazine  published the results of the top 1,000 banks in the Top 1,000 World Banks Journal issued in July. According to this result, The Banker ranked Vietcombank the No.1 Bank in the country and No.445 among 1,000 leading banks in the world.


 On July 29th, 2013, the Board of Directors of Vietcombank announced Decision No. 786/QĐ-VCB.TCCB&ĐT  to appoint Mr. Nghiem Xuan Thanh - Member of the Board to be CEO of Vietcombank, to replace Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Thanh who was appointed as the Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam.


On August 22nd, 2013, the Party Central Committee of Enterprises has announced Decision No.2278-QD/DUK, appointing Mr. Nghiem Xuan Thanh - CEO of Vietcombank to be a standing member and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam for the 2010-2015 term.


 On September 12th 2013, during the Country Awards Ceremony held by Finance Asia Magazine in Singapore, Vietcombank was honored to receive prestigious awards, including "Best Bank in Vietnam in 2013"; "Best Foreign Exchange Bank in Vietnam in 2013";


 On September 17th 2013, during the 2013 SIBOS Conference held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Vietcombank was honored by The Asian Banker Magazine as "Bank with strongest balance sheet in 2013" This award recognizes the performance of leading commercial banks in the Asia Pacific and is used by financial experts as a guide for bank strength.



On April 3rd, 2014, at the Asian Banker Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards Ceremony organized by The Asian Banker Magazine in Sydney, Australia, Vietcombank was honored to receive the award "Best Retail Bank in Vietnam in 2014".


On June 17th, 2014, at the ceremony held by the Investment Bridge Magazine to announce the results of the "Top 50 Best Companies of Vietnam" in 2014, Vietcombank was honored to receive the award "Top 50 most efficient companies in Vietnam for 2 consecutive years (2013 - 2014)”


On July 3rd, 2014, at the "Best Trade Finance Bank in Vietnam 2014" Award Ceremony held by Trade Finance Magazine in Singapore for Asia Pacific countries, Vietcombank continues to be the first and only bank in Vietnam to receive the award presented by Trade Finance Magazine for seven consecutive years (2008 - 2014) .


In July 2014, The Banker Magazine published the results of the top 1,000 banks in the world in the Special Publication of Top 1,000 Word Banks issued in July 2014. According to the result, Vietcombank was the first and the only bank in Vietnam that positioned in top half of the list in two consecutive years (2013 - 2014).


 On September 08th, 2014, at the "Best Bank in 2014" awards ceremony held by Alpha Southeast Asia Magazine (Alpha SEA) in Bangkok, Thailand for Asia Pacific countries, Vietcombank was awarded as the "Best Bank in Vietnam 2014"; "Best Trade Finance Bank in Vietnam 2014"; "Best Foreign Exchange Bank in Vietnam in 2014 for Corporates  and Financial Institutions ".


On October 17th, 2014, at the "Top 50 best listed companies in Vietnam in 2014 award ceremony organized by Forbes Magazine in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietcombank was honored with the "Top 50 best listed companies in Vietnam in 2 consecutive years (2013 - 2014)”


According to Nikkei Asian Review Magazine in November 2014, Vietcombank is the only bank of Vietnam that was voted into the Top 100 Most Interesting Companies in Asean Region


On November 3rd 2014, Vietcombank announced Decision No.298/NQ-HDQT.TK HDQT dated November 1st, 2014 issued by the Board of Directors on the election of Mr. Nghiem Xuan Thanh (Member of the Board and CEO) to be the Chairman of the Board of Directors (2013 – 2018 term), to replace Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh who was on retirement; and Decision No.1636/QĐ-VCB.HĐQT for appointment of Mr. Pham Quang Dzung (Member of the Board and Deputy CEO) to be the new CEO.



Vietcombank continued to maintain its position in Top 10 strongest brands in Vietnam for 12 consecutive years (2003-2015). The prize was awarded by Vietnam Economic Times to honor companies with outstanding performance.


On April 14th, 2015, Vietcombank received the award "Best Cash Management Bank in Vietnam" and “Best Correspondent Bank in Vietnam” presented by The Asian Banker Magazine. In Vietnam market, 2015 was the 5th consecutive year in which Vietcombank received the “Best Bank in Vietnam” Award by The Asian Banker for its achievements in various performance aspects.


During May 15th - 16th, 2015, in Hanoi, the 3rd Vietcombank’s Party Committee was held successfully. Mr. Nghiem Xuan Thanh - Secretary of Vietcombank’s Party Committee,  Chairman of the Board of Director of Vietcombank was reelected as the Secretery of the Party Committee. Mr. Pham Quang Dzung – Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and CEO, and Mr. Vu Tien Duat – another Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee was reelected as the Deputy Secretaries of Vietcombank’s Party Committee.


In June, 2015, overtaking other big commercial banks with majority State ownership, Vietcombank became the only representative among banks in Vietnam to be present in the list of "Top 50 Best Listed Companies in Vietnam" published by The Forbes Magazine for 3 consecutive years and is among the "2,000 Most Powerful Companies in the World" (Global 2000).


On June 17th, 2015, Vietcombank was awarded the "Best Trade Finance Bank in Vietnam" for 8 consecutive years (2008-2015) by Trade Finance. The Award under the Award for Excellent package is presented to banks, law firms and insurance companies with most efficiency in international trade finance and payment. The award is divided into four categories corresponding to different continents / territories.


On July 15th, 2015, Vietcombank launched the Basel II Kick-off Ceremony. Basel II projects are considered to be among the largest scale transformation attempts, covering all aspects of the Bank’s risk management.


Vietcombank was voted by Vietnam Report as the leader in the prestigious Best Banking Communications Chart in 2015". Vietcombank’s new communication and media channels attracted public attention while provided timely, positive and accurate information to investors and the market, towards the common standards of transparency in international practice.


Vietcombank is listed in the "Top Biggest Enterprises in Vietnam" and "Top 50 Excellent Enterprises in 2015" published by Vietnam Report. The enterprises named in the list are the most typical representatives of the Vietnamese business community who established their foothold through the following criteria: asset size, profitability, largest contribution to the State budget and highest growth rate during the 2011–2014 period.


Brand Finance Consulting Company announces that Vietcombank is listed in the "500 Most Valuable Banking Brands of the World in 2015" (Banking 500 - The most valuable banking brands of 2015). Brand Finance rated Vietcombank at A+, the highest value compared to other banks in Vietnam. Vietcombank’s brand was valued at $ 157 million.


According to an annual survey by Anphabe and Nielsen, Vietcombank is listed in the "Top 100 Best workplace in Vietnam 2015". The set of assessment criteria in 2015 includes 46 aspects, covering six key areas: salaries, bonuses, benefits, career path, culture and values, leadership, job quality and reputation. Specifically, Vietcombank was considered to be one of three leading companies in employee welfare in 2015.


On July 16th, 2015, Vietcombank received the "Best Bank in Vietnam in 2015" award from Euromoney Magazine. The Awards for Excellence by Euromoney Magazine are among the top awards in Banking and Finance, including 25 international awards and Best Bank Awards given to leading banks in 100 countries. In addition, Vietcombank was awarded the "Best Bank in Vietnam for real estate services" and "Best Bank in Vietnam for real estate finance services".


In September, 2015, in addition to the "Best Domestic Cash Management Bank" award, Vietcombank was honored by Asiamoney Magazine for awards in many other important fields such as: "The bank providing the best cash management services for the local currency in Vietnam "(voted by financial institutions), " The bank providing the best cross-border cash management services in Vietnam" (voted by small, medium and large enterprises), "The domestic bank with the best cash management services in Vietnam" (voted by medium enterprises). The survey was assessed by 8,458 companies and 735 financial institutions in the Asia-Pacific.


In 2015, Phase 1 of the project on remuneration policy and key performance indicators (KPIs) system was successfully implemented across the Bank. In 2015, Vietcombank issued and implemented the set of functions for 45 departments at Head Office, set of 12 standard functions of the Branch and the building KPIs for individual work positions.


On November 17th-18th, 2015, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietcombank was selected as the only bank in Vietnam to win the "Outstanding Retail Banking 2015" award. This is the major award, first honored at the awards ceremony of the Outstanding Retail Banking Forum 2015 by IDG and VNBA. To win this award, Vietcombank must undergo an evaluation process during the preceding six months with a rigorous and thorough process, including the bank's submission of the required assessment records, sessions, interviews and direct field survey at each bank.


In 2015, Vietcombank established a series of new branches including: Vietcombank Ben Tre (11/3/2015); Vietcombank West Sai Gon (15/12/2015); Vietcombank Go Vap (16/12/2015); Vietcombank District 8 (16/12/2015) Vietcombank District 9 (18/12/2015); And Vietcombank District 2 (18/12/2015).



In 2016, Vietcombank was the first bank that successfully removed all outstanding bad debts with VAMC, 3 years earlier than regulatory requirement. Vietcombank also officially announced its transparency in and comprehensive control of non-performing loans and provisions.


On March 28th, 2016, Vietcombank was the first bank that officially launched its cyber space for transaction called Vietcombank Digital Lab which confirmed a its pioneering position in developing modern and advanced services to meet the increasing diverse needs of customers.


In 2016, Nielsen Market Research Company and Campaign Asia Magazine announced "Top 1,000 leading Asian Brands". Accordingly, there are 10 Vietnamese companies in the list and Vietcombank is the only bank among them. In 2016, Vietcombank's ranking increased 20 levels compared to 2015.


In May 2016, at the 17th Asian Banker Summit 2016, Vietcombank was honored as the only bank in Vietnam to receive 3 important awards from The Asian Banker: "Best Commercial Bank in Vietnam", "Best Trade Finance Bank in Vietnam";  and "Best Bank for credit card service in Vietnam".


In the list of "Top 500 Strongest Bank of Asia Pacific” published by The Asian Banker on 27/9/2016, there were 17 commercial banks from Vietnam. Vietcombank ranked No.1 in Vietnam and the 62nd in the list of the 500 strongest banks, while the the second-ranked bank fell far behind with the gap of nearly 80 ranks. The Asian Banker’s criteria particularly focused on assessing and ranking banks according to their efficiency in assets and liabilities management, potential growth and profitability in core activities.


On July 1st, 2016, Vietcombank established Vietcombank Executives’ Representative Office in the South (Representative Office). Representative Office in the South serves as a bridge between the Head Office in the North and the Southern region, creating competitive strength in the market, and aiming towards sustainable development for Vietcombank in the South in particular as well as for the whole Bank in general.


Vietcombank boasts the largest market value within Vietnam's banking sector and is listed amongst the “Top 2,000 world’s largest and most powerful public companies in 2016” published by The Forbes Magazine. The "Global 2,000 List" includes the world's largest and most powerful public companies. Evaluation criteria are revenue, profitability, asset size and market value.


On July 14th, 2016, at Island Shangri La hotel - Hong Kong, Vietcombank was awarded "Best Bank of Vietnam in 2016" by Euromoney Magazine. This is the second consecutive year Vietcombank is honored to receive this award.


On September 15th, 2016, Brand Finance – the world’s leading brand valuation company officially announced Vietcombank in the list of "Top 50 Most Valuable Brands of Vietnam 2016". This is the only brand value list built in accordance with ISO standards. The brand values announced by Brand Finance are allowed to be used with the tax authorities, auditing company and for mergers & acquisitions (M&A) purpose.


Vietcombank continues to be the only bank in the Top 10 surpassing other local and foreign banks in Vietnam according to an annual survey by Anphabe and Nielsen on "Top 100 best workplaces in Vietnam”


In September, 2016, Vietcombank received the "Bank with strongest balance sheet in Vietnam" award at the ceremony organised by The Asian Banker Magazine (TAB). This is TAB's annual award to evaluate business operationsand financial situation of commercial banks in Asia. The award is given to one best bank in every country based on the assessment criteria in 6 respects: growth scale, balance sheet growth rate, risk management, profitability, asset quality and liquidity.


On September 29th, 2016, The Forbes Magazine held the 4th "Top 50 best listed companies in Vietnam" award ceremony. Vietcombank excellently surpassed other big commercial banks with majority State ownership to become the only bank in Vietnam to be on The Forbes’ list for four consecutive years.


On Octorber 29th, 2016, in Hanoi, Vietcombank was awarded the "Enterprise for Employees" Award in 2016 and Certificate of Merit of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor for outstanding achievements in improving benefits for and ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of its employees. This was the 3rd consecutive year Vietcombank was honored for its policies and actions taken in the interest of its employees.


On November 11th ,2016, in Hanoi, the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD) collaborated with the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Vietnam Confederation of Labor and the Commission and the State Securities Commission held a ceremony to announce the ranking of 100 sustainable growing companies in Vietnam 2016. Vietcombank was voted in list "Top 10 Best Sustainable Service Companies in Vietnam".


Vietcombank successfully held the 33rd ABA Conference from November 10th-11th, 2016 in Vietnam. This is the second time that Vietcombank is the host of an ABA Annual Meeting.


Vietcombank is the only Vietnamese bank voted by the Nikkei Magazine into the "Top 300 Most Dynamic Companies in Asia". The ranking includes 300 companies with largest size and fastest growth rates from 11 nations. Nikkei magazine chooses companies based on market capitalization value, growth potential including geographic growth.


On November 3th, 2016, Vietcombank was the only bank that was honored with the "National Brand" award for the fifth consecutive year by National Brand Council and Ministry of Industry and Trade. National Brand Program is the only one by the Government to build and advertise the national brand image through the image of products and services.


In 2016, in striving for efficiency, safety and sustainability, Vietcombank continued to be financial institution with the largest market capitalization.


On December 1st, 2016, Vietcombank received the "Bank with most efficient network of POS " award at the "Vietnam Outstanding Banking Awards 2016" ceremony, which was held by International Data Group (IDG) in cooperation with Vietnam Bankers Association (VNBA).


In 2016, Vietcombank established many new branches in very short period of time, including: Vietcombank Phu Quoc (15/11/2016); Vietcombank Pho Hien (21/11/2016); Vietcombank South Hai Phong (21/11/2016); Vietcombank South Da Nang (21/11/2016); And Vietcombank Binh Phuoc (25/11/2016).